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The Morning Birds Sing

The morning birds. We slept with the window open last night because the weather was nicer. I woke up five minutes before my alarm at 5:10am to the sound of the morning birds singing. These were the happy ones (not seagulls) singing some sort of happy song. Well...

Testing testing

My site is now because most of my workouts start at 5am for an hour or two. Family, work, everything else happens in the other 22 hours. Nothing changing for my existing subscribers. Thanks for everyone’s continued interest.

I am a NINJA triathlete

Every morning I move in stealth (to not wake up my household) while heading from my bed to my workout. I am learning to move in silence, to hold my breathe and exhale at just the right moment, to open my gel pack without a sound, to run the tap to fill my glass...