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This week was dominated by influenza. That cute name that has devastating effects. My wife got the flu on Monday, I got it on Tuesday and we battled fevers for days. First came a heavy chest, then aches, then fever, then sinus congestion. Three days I had a fever pretty much constantly.

My remedy for symptoms and recovery has helped me incredibly as can be seen in the difference between my wife and I. She’s had it for a day longer, her symptoms were worse and my fever went away before hers did. She also got more rest than I did as I was still getting up with the kids at night and working from home during the days.

Why? There are five reasons why I think I got better faster. First is that I eat a lot, and I mean a LOT, of fruit and vegetables. I’m also low intake on the crappy food. Therefore I think that my vitamin and mineral levels were higher going in to the process. I’ve previously mentioned that I’m vegan, I try to be raw vegan for as much of my eating as I can but I find that I’m just starving unless I eat some whole grains like brown rice or oatmeal. Yes I do eat some bread but it isn’t my staple. It’s more of a delivery vehicle for peanut butter or jam when I have a craving.

Second is that I’m very active and constantly working my body in different ways and forcing it to stay sharp and learn to recover quickly. I think that the daily process of sweating is good for me. I maintain flexibility and this contributes to an overall healthy body.

Third is meditation. There are a couple of things that I do. First is the typical “ohm” meditation and I find that really loosens up the sinuses when I’m congested. When I’m sick I do it more frequently and can breath better afterwards. I also do circular nasal breathing. I’m not sure if that’s the right term for it but I got the technique from Navy SEAL Mark Divine in his book Kokoro Yoga. The breathing entails breathing in one nostril for 5-10 seconds and then breathing out of the other nostril by the same count. Repeat the process and this creates a circular flow of air. In through the right nostril, out through the left nostril. Repeat. In right, out left. Then after 5 or so repetitions I reverse the direction. In through the left, out through the right, repeat. I always start to breath in through the nostril that is least plugged and I’m always gentle and never forceful with the air.

Fourth as Wim Hof, the Iceman, says: breathing changes the chemistry in the body. He says that if you breath in more oxygen and raise your oxygen levels it changes the PH in the blood and when this technique is paired with cold exposure can train your autoimmune system to turn on when you need it. This is helpful when you’re sick. So since I regularly do his breathing methods and cold exposure I am sure to regularly take in deep breaths and get more oxygen in. When I’m sick I notice that I slow down and I breath less. Consciously thinking to take deep breaths once an hour changes the oxygen in the blood, can trigger my immune system and start the healing process quicker.

Fifth is that I maintain a positive attitude and tell the cold to “fuck off”. Seriously I think it helps. Having a positive attitude can cure a lot of things and in this case it contributes to the recovery.
So it’s been Tuesday to Sunday for me fighting this thing but I worked out Saturday morning on a bodyweight circuit and did some heavy bag boxing. It felt good to get lightly moving again.

The week in review is as follows:
Last Saturday: Did as many chin-ups as I could in 25 minutes and got to 181 in mostly sets of 8.
Last Sunday: Ran 20 km but the knees started to hurt.
Monday: Every time 30 seconds went by I would start and do 10 pushups. I did this for 30 minutes so in that time I had completed 600 push-ups. That was cool to have done 600 push-ups before work but I felt like if I had done 20 every minute then that would have been harder. I would have liked to have seen if I could have gotten to 1,000. That’s for another day.
Tuesday I forgot to record
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: light stretching
Saturday: bodyweight workout with boxing afterwards

Now you may be saying where is all the running? Well, the pain in my knees is so bad that I’m limping in a big way. It hurts to stand, walk, bend, anything except squat oddly enough. I went to the physiotherapist this week and they said that it is the meniscus medial ligament that is injured and that it needs rest and ice.

I couldn’t run even if I wanted to. The pain is crippling but it isn’t stopping me. The pain just kept getting worse as the week went on but has finally started to reverse course. I’m confident that with some rest and gentle easing back into running that I can quickly get my mileage back up. Having said that I’m going to have to be able to walk with limited pain before I can run first.

There are a lot of unknowns. I don’t know how long it will take, I don’t know what training will look like. I don’t know when I’ll be able to complete the run around Lake Simcoe.

There are some things that I do know. I can still do upper body workouts. I can still do some stretching. I can still ice. I am getting better. I will run again.

The important thing is to focus on the next task and that is getting running again in any capacity. This next week will be rest and ice. Hopefully some small amounts of running.

Things I read and saw this week were:

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